Please read the below terms and conditions. 


All consigned items are expected to be in a clean and acceptable condition. Any items found to have prominent wear, odour, or significant scuffing will be returned to the Seller. The cost of return postage is the responsibility of the Seller to pay. It is the Seller’s responsibility to make sure items are cleaned or restored before being brought to us. Shop Luxe does not under any circumstances accept damaged items. Sellers are responsible for covering the shipping cost of items to Shop Luxe. Shop Luxe does not accept responsibility for the loss of items shipped by Sellers. If Shop Luxe decides to return items to the Seller, the Seller’s original shipping costs will not be reimbursed by Shop Luxe. Shop Luxe reserves the right to advertise the Seller's stock via its social media page. Any decision to advertise stock in this way will be made at Shop Luxe’s discretion. Shop Luxe reserves its social media channels for the best stock it receives and uses this to advertise items belonging to a broad range of Sellers. The consignment of stock with Shop Luxe is not a guarantee that all items will be sold in this way. Not all consignment items are used for social media or photographed for marketing purposes. Upon confirmation of their condition and authenticity, all items will be listed on the website within 7 business days of their arrival. However, if an item has been previously advertised on social media and remains unsold, Shop Luxe retains the discretion to withhold relisting the item unless a mutually agreed upon price reduction is established.

If at any time prior to the termination of the 60-day consignment period, the Seller shall pay a release fee of $100 AUD to Shop Luxe to release the consigned goods. Failure to pay the release fee will result in Shop Luxe retaining the consigned goods. The release fee is non-refundable and shall be paid via the method specified by Shop Luxe.

Shop Luxe retains the discretion to decrease the sale price of an item by 10% from the previously agreed upon price after 14 days of listing the item at its initial price point if Shop Luxe deems it necessary to facilitate a sale. Sellers are paid based on the sale price. 2-to-8-week payment plans are offered to Shop Luxe item buyers. In the event of an item being sold via a payment plan, the Seller will not receive payment until the item has been paid in full. After a period of 60 days, if an item remains unsold, it is the responsibility of the Seller to arrange for the item to be returned. Shipping fees for returns are the responsibility of the Seller. Any items that remain unclaimed after the 60-day consignment period will be either put on final clearance or donated to charity, as insurance coverage for consigned items expires after 60 days of receipt. If Shop Luxe suspects any consigned item to be counterfeit, it will be returned to the Seller. A flat rate payment of $200 per item will be charged to the Seller to cover the costs and time incurred. Shop Luxe's consignment fee is set at 20% of the listing price, in addition to a $35 authentication fee.

If Shop Luxe determines, at its sole discretion, that a Seller has provided fraudulent authentication certificates, receipts, or any other form of deceitful proof of purchase for consigned items, the Seller shall incur a non-negotiable fee of $2000 AUD per item. This fee is intended to cover the costs and efforts associated with resolving such matters.

Shop Luxe reserves the right to modify, amend, or update these Terms & Conditions as deemed necessary. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions will be effective immediately upon posting on the website Sellers acknowledge that it is their responsibility to review these Terms & Conditions periodically and become familiar with any modifications. By continuing to consign items with Shop Luxe, Sellers automatically agree to and accept any changes to these Terms & Conditions without exception. These Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between Shop Luxe and the Seller, governing the consignment of items and supersedes all prior agreements, whether oral or written, between the parties.