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Authenticity Guaranteed - Official Partner of Entrupy Technology

SHOP LUXE prides themselves on their authenticity guarantee backed by authentication technology leader, Entrupy. Every item accepted on a consignment basis is authenticated and assessed in a strict manner to ensure it reaches the brand standard.

Firstly, we assess the intricate details of each item consigned with us by the markings, stitching, hardware, symmetry, materials and workmanship. We can determine if the item is consistent with the manufacturer’s standards of quality.

With the recent over saturation of counterfeit items, it can become increasingly difficult to rely solely on the above physical authentication system. Therefore, we rely additionally on Entrupy Technology to determine the result by tapping into a dataset of 3 million images, backed up by algorithms to differentiate between an Authentic & Counterfeit good. Entrupy is the future of the resale market.

Shop Luxe will provide an Entrupy Authenticity Certificate with any purchase subject to being supported by Entrupy. All Entrupy authentication certificates are easily searchable online to confirm the item was authenticated by Entrupy for an Entrupy verified business.

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